Block 5 was the final block of the course.  In terms of report writing there were three stages:

1.  A final project report of 5,500 words which involved  pulling all my research together and some additional work to flesh out certain areas, to include:

  • the origins and descriptions of the design
  • user needs, market requirements and pricing
  • technical feasibility
  • materials, production and costing
  • sustainability

2.  A report of 750 words titled ‘Insights into the Process of Innovation’ – a reflection on the key stages of the product development process to include what has been learnt about the process of innovation and how an understanding of the process would inform any future design products.

3.  The final piece of work to be submitted was an End of Course Assessment (ECA) of 2,400 words.   The ECA topic is on how designers and engineers can contribute to the creation of a sustainable future and who else might determine how sustainable the future turns out to be.

The ECA carried 50% of the marks for the course and was instead of a final examination.  Students needed to gain a pass mark in the ECA to gain a course credit, as well as passing the continuous assessment.

The aim of the ECA was to demonstrate:

  • the ability to select, integrate and apply relevant material from the whole course
  • the ability to put into practice key skills from the course

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